Each semester, Florida Gulf Coast University’s art major seniors work on a semester long project that focuses on a subject of the student’s choosing. Each student must provide proof of research to support the development and outcome of their projects.

For my project, I created Terralo, a campaign for a mobile app that would help people of all ages start small gardens. The introduction of this topic through technology would resonate with younger generations who have grown up around it.


The parts of this project include the app, which can be used on mobile devices, brochures, two posters, and a live garden.

Through informing and demonstrating with an app concept and a garden, inspiring others to consider buying locally grown foods and/or to start their own gardens, became a possibility for others.


The components of the app include a profile, email, step-by-step guides for growing plants, garden plans, garden inspiration from other users, research resources, product review and where you can buy them.


The brochure included descriptions of the app functions and provided tips on healthy gardening.


In the posters, each model portrays a persona used in the app. The model on the left portrays "Roy," a beginner in gardening, using Terralo for guidance. The model on the right portrays "Dela," an experienced user being reminded to tend to her plants.


Terralo's presentation at Florida Gulf Coast University's Main Gallery.