2tor Mobile App


2tor is a tutoring app meant for students looking for part-time work while still in university. Instead of searching for unrelated work, students can apply their knowledge as tutors, furthering the knowledge of other students.


When a person teaches material to others, his or her own understanding increases as a result. This app aims to do just that, as well as improve students' confidence in their subject(s) of choice, preparing them for their future careers.


Inspired by the setup of the tutoring process,

2tor implies that there are two participants in

a session, the "student" and the tutor student.

Icon Set

The icons were designed with the intention to make tutoring look approachable.


All students will be able to keep track of their sessions, tutor and self reviews, app activity, and credits through the Home tab.


Students can search for a variety of subjects to learn in.

Tutoring Session

Tutors will have the ability to communicate with their students through chat and whiteboard, which includes a camera and free draw. After the session, students will be prompted to rate their tutor based on performance.